Initial Parent Consultation (60 to 90 minutes)

This meeting is at the location of your choice, whether that be your family's home, a local coffee shop, etc.

The vision for this meeting is that I would meet only with the parents and get a "big picture" of what your daughter has been struggling with. Also during this time, I want to get an idea of what your daughter is passionate about, how see views herself/the world and how she is academically, socially, emotionally and (if you are interested) spiritually.

During this time, I will be taking notes for future reference, when I am designing and preparing a mentoring plan.

We will talk about what mentoring activities would be the best fit for your daughter. Whether that be at a coffee shop, the mall, a day-venture to Denver, a hike, etc. And finally we will cast vision for what we hope for for your daughter. We will discuss where you hope she will grow more confident, secure and empowered. And talk about how we can get there together.

Mentoring with your Daughter (90 minutes)

This is the part of my services where I will take your daughter to have two hours of conversation, laughs and goal planning at a pre-approved location. Based on age and personality this could look very different from one kid to another. While an older more introspective teen may want to sit at a coffee shop with journals and talk/plan... a younger client may want to go to the mall and be a kid, while having intentional conversation. This time can really be whatever your family would like it to be. But at the end of the day, I want to be able to say that I know who your daughter is, that I know in what ways is she uniquely talented and I want her to consider me someone that is trustworthy and FOR her and her family. With this foundation set in place we can have fun and empower her to boldly step into who she was designed to be. 

Follow-Up Family Support (60 min)

This part of my services is keeping you, your daughter and me on the same page. Most of this time will be spent adjusting the "game plan" of how you as parents and me as her mentor can best love and support her.  We will also be communicating where I feel she could use extra support, encouragement and guidance and where you see her growing and struggling. I want us to always be opening communicating and for your daughter to know that she is protected by many people that care deeply about her.