What People Are Saying About Alie:

Thought and comments from parents, mentorees and coworkers on how Alie has impacted the lives of adolescents across the front range.

“Alie Bernard is one of the most trusted adults in my life. She helped guide me through many tough times and was always there for me with words of wisdom and love. She has such a wonderful soul and she can guide you through whatever you need help with.”
— Meaghan (13 yr. old Mentoree)

“As a parent of a 14 year old daughter I am grateful that Alie was my daughter’s mentor. The support and positive influence she has been and still continues to be for my daughter has been wonderful. Middle school is not an easy time for young girls. Alie has time and time again given support and advice to my daughter in ways that has guided my daughter to be the positive and outgoing girl she is today. My daughter knows that anytime of the day or night she can reach out to Alie and that Alie will be there for her. Not once has Alie disappointed my daughter. Thank you for being there for my daughter.”
— Julie (Parent)

“Although she is years older then me, Alie is one of my best friends and my biggest role model. Alie is sincere and kind, while staying upfront and honest. She is passionate about many, many things and most importantly she is considerate and generous with her humor and kindness. Alie was my mentor during seventh grade. In this time, she helped me see who I was. She taught me I was loved, appreciated and wanted and got me excited for the future and what might come while enjoying every part of life right now.”
— Haley (14 yr. old Mentoree)


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