Adolescence is a time of foundation-laying


A time when young girls are faced with a series of questions:

"Who am I?"

"What is my purpose?

"What do I want to be/do?"

"Who/what do I want to surround myself with?"

These are big decisions that our girls are faced with and I have worked side-by-side with countless parents through this rollercoaster called "middle school and high school".

My hope is through my mentoring and family support services (different from therapy or counseling), you will feel that there is "someone on the outside" on YOUR team.

Someone that is for you, for your child and for your family.  


I have my B.S. in Psychology and have worked with girls ages 10 to 17 extensively in a wide variety of settings; including ministry, clinical and educational.

I invite you to explore my website and see if you think my voice could be a positive influence in your child's life. 


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